Review : “See Me” by Nicholas Sparks


As some of my friends have known, I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks’ books. The very first book that made me fall in love is The Best Of Me, given by my dear friend as a birthday present. I have been trying to keep up with his works ever since. A few weeks earlier I finally found a copy with a friendly price 🙂 And here I am still overwhelmed by the sweetness of the story.

The book tells us the love story of Maria Sanchez, a prominent law graduate working in a prestigious law firm, and Colin Hancock, a part-time bartender and college student aspiring to be a third-grade teacher. Maria has a loving, hardworking Mexican family with one younger sister, Serena, who happens to be in the same class with Colin. Colin, coming from a wealthy family, has an anger management issue in his past and now is trying to rebuild his life by going to college and living separately from his family. He is best friend with Evan and  Lily, Evan’s fiancée.

One night, Maria is having a trouble with her car in the middle of the heavy rain while Colin happens to pass by and offer to help her. She hesitates for a moment before finally agreeing to receive his help. Serena, knowing about this, purposely inviting Maria to Colin’s workplace in the hope that they will feel attracted to each other. And… they do. Meanwhile, there is an acquaintance of Maria in her workplace, Ken, who is very keen to get her attention and has done something considered as a mild harassment to her in the past. As the love starts to blossom between Maria and Colin, Maria receives terrors that are first considered as pranks, but are getting worse by day. Maria thinks that the terrors are coming from Ken; instead, they are coming from her past. Will she be able to overcome the terrors and end up with Colin?

So, the reason why I am saying that this is a must-read book is none other than the epic way of Sparks’ writing to elaborate every single moment in the story. They are all so detailed that makes me feel as if I was there, experiencing the moment myself. Unlike other typical love stories where the guy is rich and handsome, Sparks’ presents Colin, the humble and a bit troubled (who doesn’t love a little bad boy?) man who has gone mature enough and sworn to live a straight life. This type of man is definitely more realistic and can be found nowadays (if you look hard enough). The story of them paddleboarding is one of my favorite moments where Colin and Maria start to fall in love with each other (a great choice of first date!), followed by salsa dancing. I won’t say the plot is flat because it gets more intense every time I flip the page, especially when the stalker does something unpredictable. Wait for the final dramatic heroic ending and you’ll understand why it is worth to read 🙂

Lesson learned :

Don’t judge a book by its cover. You cannot always judge someone from his/her past because he/she can be a totally different person when he/she is determined to. We should always be open to give someone a second chance. Lastly, always trust your guts 🙂



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