Review : “Usemo no Yado” (Inn of Lost Things) by Hozumi

Usemo no Yado, Credits :

A few days ago I stumbled on an article from a local news website saying that one of our local publishers was to release “Usemo no Yado”. It is very rare to see an article covering a publication of a manga because, heaven knows, people don’t buy comic books that often these days. I used to go after comic sales until I was in junior high when I discovered websites that provide manga for free. So, I thought, this manga must be really special that it got into local news.

Is it worth to read? Definitely.

Usemo no Yado has 18 chapters in total (completed) or 3 volumes (in tankobon). I have always been interested in stories about time slip, going back to the past or future, matters of life and death, and anything between. in the first chapter, you will be introduced to an inn claiming to be able to help you find the things you lost. The location of the inn is vague but there is this Matsuura guy who looks neat in his suit guiding one guest at one time to the inn. We can see some people working in the inn and a girl introduced as the ‘landlady’ and will help the guests to find the lost things (though she always looks irritated every time a guest arrives). After the guest has found what he/she is looking for, the guest may leave the inn. In the next few chapters, a guest who is wearing climbing attire comes to the inn and this is where I finally understand that this is no ordinary inn. He finds it weird that he constantly feels cold while the weather is sunny and warm. Then, as he recollects his last memory, he eventually realizes that he is already dead and comes to the inn because he cannot move on due to the regret he has.

In the next chapters, it is also explained that the workers in the inn are actually the people who initially come to the inn as guests but cannot find the things they are looking for yet, so they have to stay and choose to work at the inn to pass the time. The season in the inn will change according to the season at the time of the death of the coming guest. One by one, the workers at the inn find what they are looking for and move on, except for the landlady. It turns out that the landlady has no memory of her past life and thus doesn’t know what to look for. But as the story progresses, she feels like there is a connection between her and Matsuura who keeps coming (and yes, there is a strong yet sad relationship between them!).

All rite, I’m gonna stop there, or else I will spoil the whole story. Just in case you don’t know where to read it online, I will recommend you my current favorite manga website called Mangahere. In my opinion, the drawing may not be the best, but the story is the real deal. Unlike other typical love stories we easily find nowadays, Hozumi-sensei has successfully brought us that mysterious, ‘somewhat eerie yet explainable in the end’ vibe. There is no telling what will happen in the next chapter that makes you want to read more and more. It is a good thing that the story sticks to the main plot (not having too many subplots) and the revelation timing is just perfect for me. The story does move my heart, but not to the point that I’m gonna cry like a baby (most likely because I read it at my workplace haha). I also love it that some cases give us moral lessons as they are quite realistic these days (unlike that story of a poor girl meeting a super rich boy and fall in love). And yeah, once again, this is one of the mangas I would recommend to all types of readers. Big thanks to Hozumi-sensei for coming up with this story!

If there are other unique mangas I should read, let me know by dropping your comment below! I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂


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