I Wonder If Fate Has Anything To Do With This?

Have you ever lost a certain thing more than once? And each time, that thing comes back to you?

Last night I lost my room key for the second time. I was very tired coming back from work and planning to go straight to bed after I had my dinner, but then it was ruined when I realized that my room key was gone. Being a super clumsy girl, I have trained myself not to be panic when something is lost. Instead, I tried to remember where I could possibly lose it and think of what to do if I really can’t find that thing. I had this hunch that I lost it either right before I went to work or when I arrived at work. I went to ask the security in front of my boarding house butĀ he said that he didn’t know a thing about my key, so I asked to call the person who holds the spare key. Then I went to the ATM to top up my phone balance in case I need to make a phone call. By the time I got back, a driver from the online transportation I used earlier to go to work was talking to the security and later he told me that my key was found by the friend of that driver (in other words, it was found by my driver earlier when he drove me to work). I was very glad but also a bit surprised because honestly, I wasn’t expecting that at all. I was so ready to accept that my key was really gone, but then it miraculously came back to the owner.

I couldn’t help but laugh, feeling a bit nostalgic about this situation. A few years ago, I experienced the same thing. I had just came back from a mall, feeling happy and all after a good night, but then I realized that my room key was gone. That day I didn’t have any hunch where I might have probably dropped the key, but luckily the key was found in the cinema (I did watch a filmĀ there beforehand).

For me, the lesson I got from this story is that no matter how many times you lose it, if it is truly yours, it will eventually come back to you.

The moral lesson, however, is that I need to be extra careful next time not to lose it.